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Our team

We are a team of midwives

With different backgrounds but the same vision and passion for birth, women and babies. We believe that birth is not just a physical act. It represents a significant opportunity for transformation for the birthing woman and affects the emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of the being.

Our desire is to support you in the best possible way so that you feel embraced, supported, and cared for on this wonderful journey to motherhood that you are now beginning. To achieve this, we will ensure that during the preparation for birth, we establish a mutual trust relationship where respect and care are paramount.

Two professionals whom you have previously met will always attend your birth.

The support we provide is highly personalised and we try to intervene as little as possible, only when necessary.

We see ourselves as guardians of a sacred space, your birth, where our main duty is to protect the space, ensuring the physiology of birth develops as fluidly as possible ¡and go through the process at your own pace.

"We believe that the rights of women, newborns and families during the rite of passage of birth are among those rights that should be upheld by people. We feel that returning the great responsibility of normal childbirth to a substantial number of well-trained midwives would reduce the incidence of premature births, infant mortality, induced labors, cesareans, and would also reduce the costs related to childbirth."


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